Log Transform

The log transformation is, arguably, the most popular among the different types of transformations used to transform skewed data to approximately conform to normality. It's especially useful when the data has a long tail, i.e., it's positively or negatively skewed. Log transformation can help stabilize variance and make relationships between variables more linear.

Steps to follow:

  1. Identify and highlight the columns you wish to Log Transform. Click and drag to select the specific range (e.g., A1:A30).

  2. Look for the "Log Transform" option within PredictEasy and select specific range.

  3. If the selected area has headers, make sure to check the checkbox designated for headers. This ensures that the add-on considers the first row as header during the log transformation process.

  4. Click the "Transform" button within the PredictEasy interface. This action triggers the Log Transformation process.

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