Bar Chart

A bar chart is a type of chart that presents categorical data with rectangular bars. Each bar's length or height corresponds to the value it represents. Bar charts are effective for comparing the values of different categories and are widely used in fields such as business, marketing, and social sciences.


Consider a bar chart illustrating the monthly expenses of a household over a year. The x-axis represents the months (January, February, etc.), and the y-axis represents the total expenses for each month. Each bar on the chart corresponds to a specific month, allowing for a quick comparison of expenses between different months.


  • Highlight the range of cells containing your data in Google Sheets. Similar to Excel, for X-axis values, select cells in column A (e.g., A1:A30), and for Y-axis values, select cells in column C (e.g., C1:C30).

  • Click on Plot to create a Bar Chart

  • You can customize your chart using options in the Chart Editor. For example, you can title your chart, adjust the axis labels, and more.


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