Area Chart

An area chart is a type of chart that displays data points as colored areas between a line and an axis. It is useful for illustrating the cumulative magnitude of a variable over a continuous interval.


Visualize an area chart displaying the cumulative website traffic for a blog over the course of a year. The x-axis represents the months, and the y-axis represents the total number of visitors. The area between the line and the x-axis is filled with color, emphasizing the growth in cumulative website traffic. This chart provides a clear representation of the overall trend in visitor numbers over the year.


  • Highlight the range of cells containing your data in Google Sheets. Similar to Excel, for X-axis values, select cells in column A (e.g., A1:A30), and for Y-axis values, select cells in column C (e.g., C1:C30).

  • Click on Plot to create a Area Chart.

  • You can customize your chart using options in the Chart Editor. For example, you can title your chart, adjust the axis labels, and more.


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